We launched CodeLauncher at the beginning of 2022, and it is an app we use every day. Here is a plan to make it more useful in the future.


The output area should work more like a Terminal:

  • Accept keyboard input as some server-side software can be controlled with keyboard input, e.g., Minecraft Java Edition server.
  • Support control characters to support color and some more complicated output like htop.

Log Output

Support more log output destinations like files or even syslog servers.

UI Refinements

The project editor should use a multi-tab design to make working with multiple tasks easier.


The logical next step for most web-related projects is deployment. It could be a simple git push or a custom command. We will explore more ways to integrate the support for deployments in CodeLauncher.

If the feature you need is not listed here, please open an issue and we will look into it.