Use Cases

On this page, you'll find a list of useful things you can achieve with CodeLauncher.

Web Development

Most modern web development frameworks use a web server on localhost, and developers can start those web servers by running a command. You may already be using a snippet manager to organize those commands. CodeLauncher is designed for such tasks, making it easier to start and manage web servers for modern web development.


Tests in many projects are invoked by a command like:

  • pytest -vvv
  • cargo test
  • swift test

You can add those commands as an on-demand task in your project, running them when you need to and seeing the results in the output.

swift test

Static Site Generators

Many popular static site generators like Jekyll and Zola use a serve command to monitor changes to the source files and automatically regenerate the site.

You can set working directory to your static site project and run serve command with CodeLauncher.

zola serve